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Soil Matters: A reflection on the future of food production


I have seen the future of food production and I’m not sure I like it. Our soil is in deep trouble such that, according to one UN report, there are only 60 harvests left. We are going to have to find new and better ways to grow our food.

Dowsing at Ardtornish


Fiona describes a fascinating insight into water dowsing experienced by June 2015 weekend participants.

The Marks t’ Gan By


The poet Katrina Porteous attended the 'Water' weekend and provided a fascinating poetry reading and personal reflection. Her particular interests include the inshore fishing community of the Northumberland coast, and the cultural and natural history of that area. Katrina has kindly sent a poem to be shared. The text below opens with a message from Katrina describing the background to her choice.



Each guest at the recent Water weekend had been encouraged to bring an object or image about water to discuss in small groups on arrival. Preoccupied with housekeeping and organization (unnecessarily as the Ardtornish team had all things running beautifully from the outset) I failed to share my offering.

The culture of food


How we produce, consume and share food has deep links with our sense of individual and community well-being.

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